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Meteor Tutors Ltd

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully, either as a tutor or a client, so you are aware of our terms of service and account management, before agreeing to this service.
Misuse of this site and its terms will result in barring from the site, and possible legal action.

Section A - Terms of Service
Section B - User agreement and Copyright - for all users of this site
Section C - Meteor Tutors Ltd - agreement with users
Section D - Tutor agreement and policy
Section E - Client agreement and policy
Section F - Purchasing terms
Section G - Privacy Policy

Interpretation of language used in this document

MT - Meteor Tutors Ltd
User - any user of this site
Client- a paying parent of a child studying with a tutor on the MT site, or a paying adult student
Tutor - a self employed registered user of the site, who will engage in the delivery of lessons for a paying client
Examination Board - any Government recognised qualification exam body, including but not exclusively, Ofqual registered boards.
Organisation - other boards, groups providing services to users of MT site, such as but not limited to venues, recording facilities, festival associations, national competitions, events organisers and others.
Services - the offering to clients, including all aspects of tuition, performance, exam entries and other as agreed between individual clients, tutors and MT.
Agreement - the arrangement made between client and tutor, using MT services
Other - without limitation

User of site includes clients, students, parents, tutors, admin users and/or browsers of the site.

Section A - Terms of Service

- Meteor Tutors Ltd is a Company registered in England, UK with a registered office at Quest House, 125-135 Staines Road, Hounslow TW3 3JB, United Kingdom. Meteor Tutors Ltd will be known henceforth as 'MT' or 'We' in this document.
- This document forms a legally binding agreement between all users of the service, clients, tutors and other persons.
- All site content is the property of MT, and as such, is subject to Intellectual Property legislation and/or copyright.
- Users who break intellectual property or copyright legislation will be banned from the site and face prosecution.
- All users, including clients, tutors and others will agree to provide us with truthful personal information, including, but not restricted to address, email address and age.
- All users will use the site amicably, with no abuse, harassment or intimidation, such behaviour will result in banning from the site.
- All users with use MT to contact other parties on the site, attempts to contact or canvass directly will result in users being banned from the site.
- MT endorsements will appear on our Resources page. Other sites mentioned on the MT site in conversation do not constitute official endorsements and users should use their own discretion when using external sources.
- Mt will also provide services to organisations, but only when contacted through our contact details on the website, not via an individual client agreement. This service to organisations will have a different service level agreement as arranged between the two bodies.

Section B - User agreement and Copyright

- Users must accept that the Name of Meteor Tutors, Meteor Music Tutors and Meteor Musicians belong to Meteor Tutors Ltd only and cannot be used by any other person or persons.
- Users must agree to abide by strict guidelines on the site and avoid anything that constitutes spam or junk mail, or canvassing of other users of the site.
- Users must not attempt to attack the site using hacking, malware, worms, viruses and all other forms of attack which would be to the detriment of MT.
- Users must adhere to Safeguarding guidelines and avoid any material that may be harmful to others, in particular minors or 'at risk' adults.
- Users may only use the site for lawful purposes.
- Users must not attempt to copy the site or its contents or any merchandise or material belonging to MT. Such attempts will result in legal action against the user.
- Users must be aware of the intellectual property rights of MT, the patents, copyrights, copyright designs, trade colours in design, shape of designs and logos, copying of logos or other pictures created by MT. 
- Users may not use inappropriate language during verbal or written conversations on the site, which may be read by minors and others.
- Users may not use defamatory or libellous language on the site towards others.
- Users must not promote products, logos or their own businesses on site which have not been agreed IN WRITING with MT in advance of any promotion.
- Users must not attempt to promote bigotry, hatred, religious intolerance, gender intolerance or any other opinions on site, as it is purely for educational purposes only.
- Users will not post public defamatory or critical comments about MT. If such comments are posted. MT will seek financial and other sources of compensation from the user.

Section C - MT agreement and policy

- MT will provide website, advertising and marketing, tutor details, booking and payment facilities in order to assist all users of the site.
- MT is not an agency but charges a percentage for hire and marketing, training (where appropriate), appointments and payments on the site.
- Mt will provide tutor information to clients and vice versa, in order to facilitate a smooth transition and start to learning.
- MT- will provide details of tutors, reference and feedback as displayed onscreen in searches, which to the best of their knowledge, will be accurate. Any inaccuracies will be rectified as advised, but all users should do their own due diligence checks in addition to information provided.
- MT will not be responsible for content by third party users, though it will reserve the right to ban any user from the site who does not adhere to the terms above.
- MT will release information to the police about users as required by law.
- MT are not responsible for the relationship between a client and a tutor, but do reserve the right to intervene and assist if this relationship breaks down.
- MT is not responsible for the actions of affiliated bodies advertised on our website.
- MT reserves the right to monitor online video lessons delivered through its own equipment and website, to ensure user satisfaction, and for training purposes.
- MT reserves the right to charge a refund fee if an error is made by the tutor.
- MT accepts tax responsibility solely for the percentage taken by MT for website rental, advertising and usage.
- MT does not accept responsibility for tutor income tax or other associate costs including National Insurance.

Section D - Tutor Agreement and Policy:

- Tutors agree to a 15% commission rate to Meteor Tutors Ltd for use of site, interactive video system, automated transactions and calendar usage.
- Tutors will possess personal indemnity insurance and/or public liability insurance from the Musicians Union, ISM, or similar professional/legal bodies from country of origin. 
- Tutors will abide by the MT code of conduct at all times, including, but not exclusive to attitude, language, dress and sobriety.
Tutors will be eighteen years of age, or if less than eighteen and greater than sixteen, parents must sign up on their behalf and monitor delivery of lessons.
- Tutors will agree to scan relevant and actual copies of qualifications, criminal record checks from countries of origin and countries taught in, exam results and other requested formal references and testimonials.
_ Tutors will charge their own rates as advertised on the MT website and be responsible for their own tax affairs.
- Tutors agree to accept full responsibility for income tax, NI contributions or any other contributions for their tuition. 
- Tutors will not advise clients on MT systems or payment methods, all such queries will go through MT admin.
- Tutors will agree to appointments made online through the MT site within 24 hours.
- Tutors will ensure that exam entries (where required) are agreed with clients and made in a timely manner.
- Tutors will provide a suitable place for a video tuition lesson to take place; clean, tidy, quiet, no background distractions or noise and no inappropriate background images or other that would be deemed inappropriate by clients.
- Tutors will dress respectfully, aware of cultural and religious moral frameworks and not clothes that could be deemed as indecent by a client.
- Tutors will not solicit MT clients offsite on a personal or professional basis, such solicitations could result in legal action, and/or banning from the site.
- Tutors will not teach any current MT students or clients within three years of deactivation of their MT account. Any breach will result in legal action and possible financial compensation to MT.
- Tutors will agree to enter their details onto the system and use a login provided. Any information by the tutor is their responsibility and must meet acceptable standards as required by MT.
- Tutors will agree to use the site video only for agreed tuition with a client.
- Tutors will use suitable hardware, software, internet providers and defence against malware. MT is not responsible for Headphone or equipment failure owned by a tutor during the delivery of a lesson. In such failure, the lesson fee would be deducted from the total number of lessons paid for by the client.
- Tutors may not be related to clients, or have a relationship with a client.
- Tutors agree to client feedback in relation to services. This will be checked by MT.
- Tutors may not post on social media about MT without first obtaining permission from MT in order to do so. Any defamatory comments about MT will result in immediate cessation of services between MT and the tutor.
- Once agreed tuition time and dates have been delivered, tutor will agree via the site button that delivery has taken place.
- Tutors and clients must verify that tuition took place, (via the site button) in order for tutors to receive client payments.

Section E - Client Agreement and Policy:

- Clients will disclose to MT if any tutors seeks to solicit them personally or professionally.
- Clients will not seek to employ an MT tutor while hiring them through MT, or for a period of three years after unsubscribing from MT.
- Client will not ask for, or receive personal phone numbers or other methods of contacting a tutor they are using on MT.
_ Clients will use the site video system only for tuition with their chosen tutor.
- Clients will agree to enter their details onto the site in order to access lessons, times and relevant information. These details must be used responsibly and clients are wholly responsible for information entered.
- If Client details are hacked, clients must contact MT immediately to inform them of any possible issue.
- Clients may not be related to tutors, or have a relationship with a tutor.
- Clients must be aware that tutors are self employed and tuition arrangements are made with the tutor directly, via the MT site for ease of access.
- Clients should be aware that although tutors are reference checked and vetted, it is mandatory for parents/carers to be present during lesson delivery for students under 18, albeit with minimal interruptions to interactions between tutor and student.
- Clients should make every effort to verify the credentials of a tutor before agreeing to a lesson with them.
- Clients as parents will monitor the lesson delivery closely, without interrupting the lesson unduly. 

Section F - Purchasing terms:

- Clients will purchase a set of four lessons in advance of tuition.
- Both Client and Tutor will operate formally by clicking an agreement button on site that the lessons have taken place.  
- There is a notice period of four lessons in order to terminate any tuition provided by MT.
- Clients will use suitable software, internet providers and safeguarding programmes to guard against malware.
- Any failure in internet connection on the clients' device during a lesson will not be refunded. MT IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR Headphone or equipment failure belonging to the client.
- Any failure in internet connection or equipment on the tutors' device during a lesson will result in a reschedule.
- Once agreed tuition time and dates have been delivered, both client and tutor will agree the delivery has taken place.
- Refunds will be given in exceptional circumstances if tutor information is erroneous, the tutor fails to turn up to a pre-arranged appointment, or another exceptional circumstance arises which we receive notification about over 24 hours in advance.

Section G - Privacy Policy

- All users, including Tutors and clients agree to the use of photos and videos in publicity material. If you do not wish your material to be published, notification must be given at the commencement of tuition.
- All client details will remain anonymous, MT will not disclose personal details to third parties unless given specific written permissions by clients, eg exam entry, concert programmes etc.
- Social media posts will be made by MT on behalf of users and for advertising purposes. If you do not wish to be included in advertising material, notification must be made by email at commencement of tuition.

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